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A clingy woman might be a good match for a clingy man, but she will absolutely drive away any man with even a stench of ambition.

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The body should be slim, but not too slim that she looks bulimic, with her rib cage bones protruding out. Intelligent and clever men respect intelligent and clever women. I know guys love going for easy women.

2. can you describe the perfect personality?

Looks are what initially attract a man to a woman, but her intelligence keeps him coming back for more. The perfect woman must be semi-independent.

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But something changed in the past couple of decades that resulted in women becoming more and more immature. One can be loyal to a cause or to another person. No experience, no growth and no maturity.

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Intelligence can be either of the street or book variety: either of each is equally attractive. I love women. Confidence is one of the best—if not the best trait that a human can have. First and foremost, the perfect woman must be physically attractive.

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Combine an attractice women with confidence, and you have an unbeatable human being who can conquer the world and help you do the same. Essentially it means a woman should behave like a woman.

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As a man, I hereby accept the responsibly for taking the biggest risks and making the important decisions, like choosing where to build a new power plant or what small country to conquer. Physical attractiveness is only one side of the coin; mental attractiveness via confidence is the other.

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Popular culture is busy portraying women who are perpetually free from any commitments, and are sleeping with anyone who catches their eyes. That was me — maybe ten years ago.

1. what’s the first thing that attracts you to a woman?

Easy come, easy go. Humans are animals, so physical appearance is what always molds the first impression. An immature girl is someone who never tried, never suffered, and, as a result, never left her childhood behind.

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And since I spent a lot of time either chasing, seducing or writing about them, I feel I have a pretty good grasp about what makes a woman truly perfect. She must have her own goals and ambitions. Long ago I dated a nice girl who had the biggest challenge making even the most minor decisions.

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A nice ass and legs are a bonus but not requirements. They are highly focused, constantly carving out their piece of the pie while building their empires.

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It also an instant reflection that she knows—and is ready to leverage—her intrinsically high value. Loyalty means she knows how to think logically instead of being held captive by her whimsical emotions. Loyalty is one of my favorite human traits.

We asked 7 men about what their ‘ideal woman’ consists of and things got interesting

One of the sexiest things that a woman can possess is loyalty to her man. Since women generally mature quicker than men, this is usually not a problem. I understand that today I can be hitting on a woman with a boyfriend, but tomorrow that boyfriend can be me with some other smooth player hitting on my girl.

Coupled with an attractive face, she must have an attractive body, too.

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Maturity is a trait that only comes via experience. It duly sets the woman apart in a sea of similarly attractive women who have no outside interests besides constantly checking what their friends are sharing on the social networking sites. Successful sovereign men are ruthlessly independent by nature.

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Some say that physical attributes are subjective, and are really in the eye of the beholder, but I disagree. In no particular order, here are the characteristics of a perfect woman: Table of Contents. It can also be a canary in a coal mine for graver problems just down the road.

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She must have her own friends.