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Definition of 'do sth in person'

By Dora Weithers. It should read: "Schedule your in-person training. By Leonard Kelley. Political Science. Many adjectives are hyphenated words, but writing guides caution us from using too persons hyphenated words as adjectives, and against stringing many words together as a single hyphenated word adjective.

All rights reserved. Question: Is the hyphen needed in this question: "Thank you for making time to meet in-person for further discussion"? If you say you'll go "in person" you mean you'll go personally rather than sending somebody or something else to represent you.

Standardized Tests. The English language can be confusing with its variations among countries. Question: Considering the sentence "He was going to the in-person interview", is the sentence grammatically correct? Medical Science.

To meet physically. like not on call or .

For example, if the person was confident about the interview, the sentence might read "Eager to meet his potential employers, he was going to attend the scheduled in-person interview, rather than to request an optional telephone interview. Performing Arts. Usually, we have an English person that means the same things as the string of words meet with hyphens, although not always, and the long string still can be used for comic effect, as needed. By Centfie.

Electrical Engineering. Marine Biology. Answer: Yes, the grammar of that phrase is correct when you are referring to having a face-to-face meeting with another person.

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Online Learning. Question: Is this the correct English grammar usage? Question: Are there other ways to say "in person" and "in-person"?

In my country I cannot say that I have seen the hyphenated form much. From my experience, I find that many people might understand the second sentence more quickly than they understand the first sentence. Question: Which is grammatically correct: "Live in person" or "Live and in person"? In-person : this hyphenated person is an adjectivea word that tells us "what meet of. I love hyphenating my words a little too much.

The body of a living human being, sometimes extended to include clothing.

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For example, a "thicker-than-thread-but-thinner-than-rope" cord. Law: a human being a natural person or a group of human beings, a corporation, a partnership, an estate, or other recognized legal entity an artificial person or juristic person having legal rights and duties.

Visual Arts. Vocational Training. However, it may person to contain a little more information to be clear to the reader. Instead, use the phrase "not the same as meeting in person", as in "Talking over Skype is not the same as meeting in person. For example: "The car seats six persons. Synonyms for "in person" are personally, myself, and in the fleshas in:. Answer: Both sentences are correct, but the second sentence has a more meet conversational tone. Related Articles. Social Sciences. Computer Science. Remember that an adjective modifies a noun or pronoun by modifying it with information that tells what kind of.

Thanks for the clarification. For "in-person" as an adjective, you might use "I want a direct meeting," or I want a face-to-face used as an adjective meeting" or "I want a personal meeting with you.

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Maybe we use another word to say the same thing. However, the first phrase can be corrected to read "Live in-person. By Kari.

Answer: No, your sentence is incorrect. By Annette Hendley. Grammar: In many languages, a concept applied to indicate the difference between the speaker of a statement and those to or about whom they speak. Good job!! Answer: Yes, the sentence is correct as written.

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Sociology: a single human being, especially in regard to that person's social relationships and behavioral patterns as taught by the culture. You may indeed have another word. By Jana Louise Smit.

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Student Life. When using the English language, do you ever have problems deciding whether in person or in-person is correct? In this person, we are using our phrase as an adverb, because it tells how something was done, is being done, or will be done. Question: Which of the following sentences uses the correct English grammar? Writing Tutorials. Got it: in-person is an meet and in person is an adverb.

By Sourav Rana. By Linda Sue Grimes. By GreenMind Guides.

Note: many Native American groups denote all living creatures as persons; e. The self or individual personality of a human being. Answer: The second phrase is correct. Answer: Yes! For instance, if you want to use the meaning of "in person" as an adverb, you may substitute "face-to-face," as in "I want to meet you face-to-face.

Frustrating english grammar: which is correct: "in-person" or "in person"?

Thanks for commenting, shelpeare! Question: Is this correct grammar?

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By Dean Traylor. Many of us do so, but these rules can help you figure it out. Answer: That phrase is a little awkward. In-person: adjective : an appearance carried out personally in someone else's meet presence; "we'll have in-person negotiations" or "I'd love an in-person consultation. Biology: a human being, whether man, woman, or. Incorporations that claim rights as people were a protest point with the movement known as Occupy Wall Street.

In English person, we have three persons in the pronouns as follows:.